gleitmo 165 PINSELDOSE

Hot thread compound


gleitmo 165 is a solid lubricant paste with a grey-blue colour. The consistency can be described as viscous. This consistency considerably facilitates applying of the paste on threads and other surfaces.
A new solid lubricant combination with a special synthetic oil provides gleitmo 165 with excellent separating and lubricating characteristics over a very large temperature range with neutral behaviour with respect to the screw materials.

Fields of application

Threaded connections, particularly in the field of high temperatures, such as in power stations, the petrochemical industry, heating installations, exhaust systems of combustion engines.

Lubrication in assembly (not suitable for rolling bearings). Simple lubrication points, such as bolts, sliding blocks, foundry ladles, slideways at high temperatures.

Method of application

Clean the screws, apply gleitmo 165 to the thread root and the contact surface of the screw head without excess using a paint brush or spray on.
Also available as gleitmo 165 Spray, PI-No.: 6709, and in brush tins, product code: 0722.


  • temperature range: -40 / +1200 °C
  • does not react with the screw materials
  • produces a constant clamping force
  • prevents seizure and burning together
  • facilitates loosening of hot screws
  • makes screws reusable