Semi-synthetic, high temperature grease containing an organic thickener


URETHYN E/M 2 is a homogeneous, soft, chlorine-free and unleaded high temperature grease, based on a special formula of mineral and ester oils.

Fields of application

URETHYN E/M 2 is the ideal long-life grease for plain and roller bearings. Start-up friction is very low and friction throughout the life of the grease is kept low. Its compatibility with elastomers, amorphous plastics and crystalline plastics is excellent. URETHYN E/M 2 is recommended for the lubrication of e.g. electric motor bearings, textile machine bearings, ventilator bearings in drying kilns and furnaces, spindle bearings, chain conveyor bearings, vibrating sieves, electric household goods, plastics and elastomers, gaskets and seals.

Method of application

URETHYN E/M 2 is applied manually or via centralized lubrication systems. Grease life and re-greasing intervals depend on individual operating conditions.

Mixing with other lubricants should be avoided. Observe bearing and machine manufacturers’ recommendations.

Also available as URETHYN E/M Spray, PI-No.: 6462.


  • temperature range: -20 / +180 °C, short-term up to +210 °C
  • extraordinary thermal stability
  • excellent lubricity in a wide temperature range
  • low evaporation
  • good stability against ageing, even in stop-and-go operations
  • very good corrosion protection, even in corrosive atmospheres
  • compatible with plastics
  • good pumpability in centralized lubrication systems