Mineral oil-based polyurea grease


URETHYN MP 2 is a yellowish-brown, mineral oil-based grease with a homogeneous and soft structure. URETHYN MP 2 contains a polyurea thickener.

Fields of application

URETHYN MP 2, as a high temperature grease, is designed for plain and roller bearing applications in for example, hot bearing lubrication on road pavers, electric motor bearings with very long re-greasing intervals, low-maintenance ventilator bearings, roller bearings in continuous casting plants, pump, ventilator and compressor bearings in the chemical industry.

Method of application

URETHYN MP 2 can be applied manually or via centralized lubrication systems. It is easily pumpable even through very long supply lines. Contamination with other greases, which occurs when changing over to URETHYN MP 2, generally causes no problems.

Observe bearing and machine manufacturers’ recommendations.


  • temperature range: -20 / +180 °C, short-term up to +200 °C
  • very broad temperature range
  • excellent work stability
  • good stability against ageing
  • excellent EP properties
  • outstanding water resistance
  • resistant to most aggressive media
  • very good corrosion protection
  • long life
  • very good pumpability in centralized lubrication systems